Types of Appraisals:*
Verbal Appraisal: $50
Written Instrument Appraisal - Violin/Viola : $200
Written Instrument Appraisal - cello/bass : $300
Written Instrument Appraisal update - half price
Certificate with photos - violin/viola/cello/bass/bow: $500
Instrument Appraisal Update: Half Price
Bows Appraisal: $150
Bows Appraisal Update: $75

*Our appraisal prices are a fixed amount, not a percentage of the instruments value.

Due to the appreciation of more valuable instruments, we highly suggest that you update your appraisal regularly (every two to three years).

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.
1-801-364-3651 or info@prierviolins.com